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Our Products & Services

You might think we are a bit weird in that we don't like to provide a big drop-down menu of services that we offer. Our vision means that we'd hate people to have to simply fit into the service we provide. As a social enterprise following the social model of disability we recognise that it's not the impairment that stops people doing things - but the way in which society treats people that does.

We offer an 'All about Me' session to all our customers in order to help them identify exactly what their goals and aspirations are. We then 'rotate' the service / offers / community connections around to see how we can support that individual meeting these goals. We use a system called 'iPlanit' to measure these - so people can record and see their progress.

We like to think we can be extremely flexible and most importantly of all we are trying to give people as much informed choice and control as possible.

To understand this better - you might like to watch our film that highlights all that we have done recently.

Below are the current ways in which we help people meet their outcomes - remember you can start with a blank page when you meet us - you don't have to do any of the below. You will be assigned a staff Facilitator and it is their job to work with you in an Equal Value Partner way to achieve your goals.

Camper van

The Thurrock Lifestyle Solutions Camper Van

Ever fancied going away for a few days with friends or family, or on your own with support staff? Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best - our Directors wanted people to have the freedom to go away in comfort and have a good time, without relying on residential care homes. You can book this van through us - we brought it off e-bay with our profits!

Day Opportunities

Assisted swimming

In the bad old days, people used to leave school and immediately start their life going to a big old daycentre in South Ockendon (now burned down!!). This is therefore no longer true or possible.

If you are someone who needs support during the day we are able to help you identify your goals, listen to you and your family about what support you need and design a support service around you. Our locality bases are buildings in the heart of the communities from which you can get engaged in all the activities you see in our film. From the traditional sports, through finding a job to simply socialising with friends.

Short Breaks

Smiling girl

Not only do we offer our Camper Van - but we also offer a service to support you in taking a proper holiday away with friends and support staff. Tell us where you would like to go and we can work out how much it will cost. So far we've been to many places in the UK as well as Spain, Greece and the Balearic islands.

Provision of PA's

P.A support

We currently have a list of over 50 people that you can look at and audition as your Personal Assistant or PA. If you like them you can book them to support you and we will train, insure and pay them on your behalf. All have been interviewed by our Directors and all have different skills. Ask to see our booklet with all their details in - telling you the gifts they have from their Head, their Heart and their Hands. Better than this if you don't like anyone - we will advertise on your behalf and you can sit on an interview panel with us and choose the person you think will work best. Your Choice and Control with us taking the risks and hassle away from you. We simply invoice you every month.

Schools in Transition

Supermarket shelf

We actively work with the two big Special Schools in Thurrock. This means that one day per week each school has the opportunity to take out its students in to the local Community with us and get engaged in local projects. This can be anything from work experience in our café through to learning to play music with the Rhajastani Indian Brass band! It's all about using the community, making those connections and expanding your horizons away from the institutions.

The Transition House

The Thurrock Lifestyle Solutions Transittion House

Many of our Directors told of a bad experience when moving for the first time away from their carers control and moving into the Community. We purchased a house for the sole purpose of allowing people to have this experience and be assessed and trained in living independently before making the final big move. Remember our definition of 'independent' is not living on your own and feeling lonely, but having enough support around you to maximise your Choice and Control. Thus after our assessment you may have a support package that requires 50 hours per week of support or you might just need 5. It's all individual and we can guide you and your family through this and ultimately into a property of your choosing!

The Interdependent Living Team

Living with help

The word 'Interdependent' is critical here. It's a recognition that the word independent is often misunderstood when thinking about disabled people living in the Community. This team supports people to live in the community. We understand that no-one should live in a world where they have no connections with the community and other people it's our job to map out these interdependencies and work out how support would work best for you. The 'ILT' team is indeed just that - a large group of support staff that can support you to live independently in the community. They will manage a team of Personal Assistants alongside you and will ensure that you are having your goals met.

Ladies Support Group

We are proud of the work we do alongside South Essex Rape and Incest Crisis Centre. Our women's group was named 'the Ladies group' by its members. We recognise that women with Learning Disability are often unfairly discriminated against and this self-help styled group provides them with appropriate positive support.

Liam's Nightclub

DJ Decks

Our dearly missed Director Liam Coffee was an inspiration for all that you see within TLS. This nightclub runs every other month and all are welcome! We train our own DJ's - if you're interested in being a DJ - then contact us!

Spectrum Support - for people with Asperger's

Mind the Gap! Our Directors recognised that there was a whole group of people that fall through the net of community and social care. This support group meets regularly to look at their issues, provide support and just simply share common interests. Give us a ring if you are interested.

Supported Employment


We recognise that for many disabled people finding a job is difficult. Currently we are supporting many people in different ways in their quest to gain paid work, training or work experience. We run a number of opportunities:-

  1. We can provide a job coach to support you in your search for work and support you in a job
  2. We run employment courses in partnership with a local college - the Internship Course is designed to give you classroom support but also real life work placements in the Community
  3. We have good links with local employers like The Port of Tilbury and Wincanton and have supported people to get apprentice roles as well as trials for permanent jobs
  4. We have several roles within our organisation that disabled people fulfil - we have a positive attitude and welcome applicants by removing barriers

All About Me

We understand that not everyone knows exactly what goals they might have in life. We offer an 'All About Me' session to all our Customers and others that helps people think about their life and what Lifestyle they'd like to live in the future.

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