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How Thurrock Lifestyle Solutions CIC uses cookies

We use cookies on this site so that we can remember your accessibility choices that you select whilst using this website. These are whether you prefer to have larger text or have a higher contrast colour scheme whilst using this website. These options are available on the top right of the web page.

A cookie is a small text file that your web browser creates on your computer. A website can request the web browser to create this file and store a piece of information which the web browser can use in the future. On this website this file will contain either 1 or 2 words describing the accessibility you have selected. Your web browser can then refer to this file so that these settings are remembered and you do not have to keep selecting your options on each page. The information in this file stays on your computer and is not sent back to our servers or anywhere else.

For my information on cookies please visit the following page What are Cookies - Computer Cookies - What is a Cookie - (external website).

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