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About Thurrock Lifestyle Solutions CIC

As a social enterprise we recognise that trading for profit is not a bad thing and our assets are locked to the community. So for us, it's all about what you do with those assets and the profit. This means that we hold our social mission central to what we do - but over 80% of our income still comes from selling or trading in services.

Our formal articles of association list our objects as; "To promote an understanding of what disabled people by reducing and removing the barriers they face using the social model of disability approach and to help disabled people to become integral and active members of the communities in which they live". This is key to all the services we provide.

Being driven by a group of disabled people means that we have a long history of collaborative working and understand the true meaning of working co-productively. We started really small in 2007 with some interested Disabled people and some forward thinking staff meeting in an old Scout Hut in Chadwell-St-Mary. This progressed through winning a DOH pathfinder award, gaining social enterprise fund investment, winning a 'spin out' contract to take over all the disability provider services from the Council to recently being listed as the number one SE100 index measured social enterprise in the Eastern region.

We now own 4 residential properties, a Camper van, lease 8 vehicles, an office and 5 locality buildings - supporting over 250 disabled people aged 16 - 78 to live the lives of their choice through over 80 support staff providing over 3000 hours per week.

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